The Affordable Art Show is back

We are applying the recommended measures to combat Covid -19

Participating Artists

Many of the artists have sent images of their work as a flavour of the exhibition.

Rod Bastable

Edward Clark

Sue Cook

Marcella Cooper

“Mouse” Coooper

Grant Dudley

Donna Goymer

Joshua Grover- Greetings Cards

Helen Humphreys

Michael Hunt

Blue Torrent

Vince Johnson

Jacqui Jones

Katie Lee-Own

Mary Mattimoe

Elaine Nason

Margot Noyes

Rob Pilsworth

Jim Power

Linda Sadler

Ghislaine Tibbs glass pieces

Chris Winch

Jessie Wybrew greetings cards

Suffolk Magazine Article

This copy was submitted some time ago. Sadly, Lucie Summers will not be with us this time.

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