Churchyard Rewilding Project

The PCC has made a decision to begin rewilding the churchyard. The areas containing modern graves will continue to be regularly mown and kept tidy, but most of the area to the front of the church will be managed to provide areas of longer grass and wildflowers to encourage wildlife such as bees and butterflies. Some spring flowering bulbs have already been planted to provide an attractive aspect as viewed from the street., and we view this as along term project which will evolve over time. The emphasis will be on management rather that neglect, and we have drawn up some detailed plans, based on advice from the organisation Caring for God’s Acre

The areas shown in green, where the new graves and ashes interment area are located, will be regularly mown and kept short.

The area to the north of the church will also be kept short to allow community events to take place.

The areas in orange will be allowed to grow longer in summer and cut back in autumn to allow spring flowering plants to thrive, and still allow for wildflower growth as the season progresses

The cross hatched area will be allowed to gradually become a natural area of longer meadow. We will sow wildflower seeds and grasses to encourage this, and continue to remove nettles etc. The whole area will be cut back at the end of summer.

A series of short mown paths through the longer grass will be created, which will allow access and contribute to a managed look for the site.

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